I’ve just been using the canon 5d to photograph some entrepreneurial students down at City College Norwich’s St Andrews house and it reminds me just how good a camera can be.
The images are all sharp and show so well on the crisp preview screen on the back.
The camera I normally use is not a rubbish camera, it’s a nikon D90, but it’s not in the same league as the canon.
The iso control is superb and performs so well in the same situations that the nikon can fall down in or disappoint.
I have promised myself an upgrade to the nikon 7000 but I have to sell the D90 first. Please will someone buy it!
Downsides of the canon are the weight, but I think that is is only a small problem on a machine that performs so well in the situations I have to photograph.
I don’t think I could fully migrate to canon, I find the wheels awkward to change whereas on the nikon the layout of the f stop and shutter speed are right at your fingertips.
But I am desperate to upgrade!

Exciting day yesterday

So yesterday was a really exciting day for me, I queued up to be one of the few to get an iPad 2 on the day of release. I’ve never done anything like that before. I was nervy before I arrived I felt so silly to be queueing for some daft Apple toy, but I really really wanted to get one, so I had to make the choice to go and stand in a queue for something I wasn’t guaranteed to get for an unknown period of many hours!
Once in the queue I then got to now my new ‘neighbours’ for the next few hours and although they were a real cross section of the public, a matriarch, a grandma, techy dad and camp geek, I discovered that we were all pretty similar for our reasons to do this mad thing! None of us had ever queued up before, even though we all liked apple stuff, we all had or had had an iPad one – even if I did return within the no quibble return period – and although we knew that the cameras weren’t great, we knew it was enough of an upgrade to be so keen as to make sure we got one on the day. After hearing about the delivery times yo-yoing from 2-3, then to 4-5 weeks in the US, we all knew it was today or never!
The staff at the Apple shop were great fun, yes it was all americanised and whoop whoop and Mexican wave and YEAH’s but hey we were stood in a queue for this goddam piece of tech, just go with it!
But, I am now the proud owner of a White iPad and thoroughly enjoying it. Now I have wordpress set-up I should be able to keep up on my blog a bit easier too, but I don’t know if everything will be as exciting an entry as this one!