Living with the iPad2

So, it’s been a week since I picked up my shiny new iPad, so what’s it like?
It is noticeably lighter, thinner and therefore easier to hold in just one hand. The cameras are functional, not fantastic – but if I want a great shot I’ll use my DSLR. I love the new smart cover, but it’s not perfect…
Overall I am enjoying my iPad2 and all the silly games, I don’t mind being tied into apple apps etc, I have a laptop and an android phone so I can choose how and where I consume content, and if one thing doesn’t work, then you can bet that the other pieces of hardware will do it.
It’s going to really prove it’s worth when I’m away next week, without a laptop I will see if the iPad can do as my one piece of tech. No problems keeping me entertained, but will I come up against the lack of flash, USB port, DVD drive, or will I just find alternative ways of doing things, that’s my guess as to what will happen.
I sincerely wish they had upped the resolution because as a designer, I notice the slightly pixelly edges where it hasn’t got the quality to cope.
Although the smart cover is lovely and does a great job of supporting the iPad in it’s various variants of triangular angles, it leaves lines on my screen, and the lovely inner surface attracts dust and dirt a little too much for my liking. I noticed one flaw before I even bought it… If I roll the smart cover up, it exposes the inner lining, which then gets put down on… You guessed it, the mucky surface… Which then gets rolled back onto…my iPads beautiful glossy screen Eek!
Overall it’s lovely, but there’s plenty of room for improvement!