It’s TOE day!

So here I am having an op and I’m still awake, pretty cool. Can’t feel a thing but it’s all going on!
Problems with foot, so I’ll be hobbling around on my crutches for a while.

Searching for me…

So how many times have you done it… I mean type your name into google and see what comes up? As I’m showcasing a talk on Goolge Sketchup for hot source at NUCA in a couple of days time, I thought I’d better see what the world was saying about me…
First link, my linked in profile, ok.
Second link my profile page on Anglia Creatives, ok
Third, my twitter all good.
Fourth comes my Facebook.
Then fifth, well, it’s not even me, just someone who has my godawful name plus an extra bit.
Sixth, back to me and my Flickr stream.
Seventh is a 192 search engine, with apparently only 9 people in the UK with the name Tracey Tutt.
Eighth is my Google +.
Ninth is a reflexologist in St Albans.
And last is my blog…
Oh my god, my blog… I’d forgotten about that.
I’d even made sure I’d hooked in my iPad so it would make it easier to type…
so it’s not all bad, I guess, having such a silly name – as long as you keep up to date…