Lovefilm – a real review

With all the adverts for streaming online films etc at the moment, this was the perfect antidote for being housebound and a chance to give lovefilm a real workout.
After looking at the choices we decided to start with lovefilm the daddy of the online streaming packages. It was easy downloading the app onto the laptop/pc and my iPad, awkward navigating it on our smart TV, but disappointingly that’s as far as lovefilm goes, no Android device support and no wii support.
Lovefilm has a good selection of films, but if you just do the online streaming, no new titles are available and this was the biggest disappointment, I expected to be able to view any of the films available, surely that would make more sense and be easier to manage than sending discs in and out all over the country?
But any new titles are restricted to DVD or blu-ray rental through the post, and a good friend of mine isn’t enamoured with lovefilms handling of that either.
Lovefilm doesn’t do a great selection of older films either though so the selection you end up with online isn’t the best, very average choices, and it felt like the choices that were left were a bit ‘straight to video’.
Yes we found films to watch and I saw films that otherwise I wouldn’t have, but I wasn’t bowled over by the choice and in fact I was frustrated by the constant reminder of all the new films I wasn’t allowed…
So the 30 day trial finished and we cancelled our subscription without a backward glance. Lovefilm is fairly good but not good enough to pay for, especially not for the online streaming package which is what we are looking for. The day of the discs is dead, online streaming is coming, but lovefilm needs to sort out its online provision to get me interested.
So now I’ve signed up to Netflix to see what their online offering is, it’s good so far, on the laptop/pc and iPad no problem, but also onto my Android phone, and the Wii, havent tried the smart tv but all the others are working well with the advantage of tracking what I’m watching from one device to another, and I’m enjoying the back catalogue of Doctor Who, so we shall see…