First impressions of the new iPad 3

I only picked up my new iPad this morning, but already I am impressed with the new screen. On reading a blog from last year when I picked up the iPad 2…

I sincerely wish they had upped the resolution because as a designer, I notice the slightly pixelly edges where it hasn’t got the quality to cope.

even then I knew that the screen should be better.
The resolution was one of the driving factors to the upgrade because I was always aware of the deficiency in what was a lovely device.
So the screen really is the bees knees, it’s such a small thing for some, but such an important thing for me.
Another improvement I was keen to acquire was the upgraded camera, apple have been able to have good cameras in their smaller devices for ages, so it’s about bloomin’ time it appeared in the iPad.
Just a couple of shots taken with it so far, but I can see the improved clarity, plus the lovely way you can touch to focus both on still or even during taking video, meaning you can pull focus to a different area live.
Ok so it’s not the most comprehensive of tests or reviews but all the things I hoped for are here in the upgrade, next year I have absolute certainty that they will upgrade the front facing camera and add a small flash, but apart from processor speed, I don’t know what else they can do.
And it may surprise you to know that it’s the only thing ‘apple’ in my house…