First day tumbles

The first real day at NUCA on my MA course. My manifesto freshly pressed and published held in my intrepid hand, heart beating wildly when it came time to show my peers, and then crash, when you depend on technology it can bring you tumbling down, my ipad failed me when I wanted to show everyone the beautiful short piece of animation I had slaved over, no wifi in the corridor meant I looked like a fool, trying to be calm, but wanting to turn into a 4 yr old and cry and beat why…

We move on to view the others work, some is stunning, macabre, shocking, but all inventive, creative, the tutor suggests we go and view my work in the next room and hurrah, the wifi worked and indeed it was nicer to have everyone more huddled around in an intimate viewing gallery, for my piece of Augmented Reality to work.

The comments that people left on the post-it notes after watching were so complementary, but I almost tumbled again when I thought that they’d missed the one thing I wanted to get across…. but, after looking again, I saw the handwritten note that saved me from falling, the 8 letters that made me positive again… creative… thankyou whoever wrote that…


want to see a sneak preview of my MAnife

want to see a sneak preview of my MAnifesto? #NUCA