Happy sound, happy picture?

So alongside the happy sound experiment I am trying to get a stock of ambiguous footage, that could be used in the final project as a backdrop to the two different soundscapes, so after having a go at the ‘happy’ sound design I have quickly edited this close up footage of my daughter with the first test, just to see what does and doesn’t work well, with a view on the future finished piece..

There are definitely successful elements and marriages between video and audio, I like how the visual goes out of focus and back in again, something I could use to tie in the sound with, for happy, you could make the sound dreamy as it goes out of focus, for the more tense piece you could add gritty hard noise onto it, tying them into their different mood sets…

A successful days work in the sound studio… it is quite fascinating…

My ears are constantly on the quest for is that a happy sound, what makes it so… and quickly writing down what it is.

I’m never going to listen to anything the same again.

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I'm a Graphic Designer, I'm a Web Designer, I'm a Photographer, I'm a videographer, I'm a creative goddamit!

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