Running Tech Review – Tom Tom GPS Watch #tomtom #running

Running was something I didn’t think I would be able to start doing again after an operation on my foot a few years back, but, encouraged by a friend I have been able to get back into it, with help from a great little piece of tech…

The TomTom Multi Sports (and Runner) GPS Watch seemed – from the reviews – to be the ideal choice for me, I did look at the newer heart rate one, but for an extra £100 it was too much of a price hike to warrant me not being able to feel when my heart was working harder!

TomTom GPS Watch

TomTom GPS Watch, Multi-Sport or Runner

The watch itself is fairly bulky on my small wrist, but it still has two notches to go so definitely able to cater for women, or young adults.

The graphics are big, big enough to clearly see when running, and the handy little light can be on permanently if out at night.

You can see your pace, time, or distance (in Miles or Km) as the larger of the three areas on the face, so you can choose what you want to concentrate on, I find I mostly use the pace, but have recently taken to longer runs and just need the distance, this view is frustrating though as this is the only layout where all three main items aren’t displayed, you get the distance in two of the sections, an unnecessary duplication and loss of information.

The GPS always hooks up quickly, although if I’m walking up to my starting point it can need me to be stationary before it locks my position in, a little annoying, but the good points outweigh this niggle.

I liked it so much I bought one for my husband and his favourite feature is the Race This option, where you can set one of your last recorded races as a guide to race yourself, it shows you how far ahead – or behind – you are from the last race and even if you go back to the pace screen to see how you’re doing, you’ll get a buzz on your wrist when you go in front, or fall behind, and if you win you get a celebratory trophy on completing the previous distance.

One of the best things about this watch is the visual representation and immediate feedback you get as soon as you plug your watch back into the computer after you get back in from the run. Your breathing might not have slowed down, but the Tom Tom’s data will upload in a  flash and you’ll get something like this…

TomTom Visual Data

TomTom Visual Data from a 10k Race For Life run I did over the weekend

You can see your split times, elevation and I love the visual tracker showing where you went, it’s so accurate and thoroughly fascinating to analyse after a run, and then you can compare this to others in your dashboard.

A Screenshot from a Tom Tom Dashboard, where you can compare your pace week to week and run to run

A Screenshot from a Tom Tom Dashboard, where you can compare your pace week to week, and run to run, you can also record treadmill runs, but I’ve found it to be totally inaccurate, so don’t bother anymore…

Really great to see how you are doing – I seem to be quite consistent – compared to other runs and courses and slowly see improvements.

The visual online area is a stand out feature for me and one of the things I really rave about to others if they ask me about my TomTom watch.

The Watch is great and I would recommend it to others, it probably has so many more things you can do with it, but for me it does the basics really well and shows me in a clear and visually interesting way.

I hate it when bloggers say sorry I’ve been away for a while I’ve been busy at the beginning of a post, but here’s my apology at the end, I’ve been running!